Welcoming The Year of the TIGER!

Chinese Astrology is an integral part of an ancient culture that seeks balance in and connection to the world around them.   As an acupuncturist, I see our bodies seek the same as we move along our individual and collective journeys towards physical and emotional well-being.  Chinese Astrology is a fun and interesting way to learn more about how we relate to the world, ourselves and each other by exploring the nature of our Chinese animal signs.

Ancient legend tells us that the Buddha summoned all the animals to come bid him farewell before he departed the earth.  According to the story, twelve animals came and he named a year for each animal in the order of their arrival……..the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and lastly the boar.   Each animal represents one year of five separate twelve year cycles composing the Chinese lunar calendar.  The lunar calendar was introduced by the Emperor Huang Ti in 2637 BC.

The Year of the TIGER, which begins on February 14, 2010 and ends on February 2, 2011, is characterized as a dynamic period of awareness, persistence and accomplishment.  The Tiger, being a captivating symbol of courage and calculated action, suggests that this year is a time to move beyond the drudgery of 2009’s Year of the Ox.  The Year of the Tiger is a time to invite positive change into our lives and to move forward with new and unique ideas to reach our goals.  Progress and achievement will be made this year as long as we are willing to tap into our sense of adventure in life.  As the Tiger is headstrong and courageous, 2010 is a year to perhaps stand up for a cause or fight the system in order to make some changes and move forward in life.  As the nature of the Tiger is to continually be moving, shifting and aware even at rest……it will benefit us to remember to move gracefully and stealthfully in all our endeavors.

Tigers naturally like to be in control of situations and those who readily take on leadership roles will tend to prosper this year.  Those who are in more subordinate positions may need to take steps to pull directive qualities into their careers to achieve their goals and be successful.  The Year of the Tiger is a good time to finally open that business you have dreamed of, move forward with a creative project, and take some calculated risks in both your personal and professional lives.

As the Tiger is a lively, energetic and courageous animal, this is a good year to connect with romantic partners who have a sense of adventure and who wish to experience new activities together.  The Tiger is a generous and often sensitive creature.  While his allure captivates those around him, his headstrong qualities can be rather frustrating to others at times.  The Year of the Tiger is a good time to challenge yourself physically and test your level of stamina and endurance.  As the Tiger is accustomed to roaming the outdoors, 2010 is a time to opt for vacationing in the beautiful wilderness as opposed to in populated urban areas.  Dance, yoga, pilates, martial arts and rock climbing……..any activity with graceful movement involved would be quite beneficial to participate in this year.  Fashions and design will take on a flashier style with reds and golds predominant, along with animal-print patterns of course!

“Trust the Process”, “Change is Good” and “Just Do it!”  will be the mantras to follow as we make our way courageously and gracefully through the year of the Tiger.  This may be the year for many of us to take the time to explore what motivates us in our lives and what goals we wish to accomplish.  Patience will be a helpful quality to have as you wait for that precise moment to take action or POUNCE!!!