Seeing Pink! Inviting Joy Into Your Life Using Chinese Medicine

Having practiced acupuncture in Summit County for over 15 years now…..I have asked many people questions about their health and well-being in my office.    I ask about their sleep, their energy, their menstrual cycle, their digestion, if they have headaches, etc.  I also inquire about their stress level and emotional state.  The recession has brought with it an inordinate amount of pressure for people to deal with….reflected in the worries of most peoples’ day to day life.  But when I ask what my patients would like more of in life….I hear again and again…the answer is.….JOY!

In Chinese Medicine, JOY is the emotion belonging to the fire element.  It is housed in the heart along with love.  Peacefulness of the spirit and tranquility of the mind are indicative of the harmonious workings of the heart.  If the heart energy is disturbed by confusion, stress, or anger it becomes out of balance and emotionally results in anxiety, fearfulness, and sadness.   My patients who are lacking joy in their life often report conditions including insomnia, heart palpitations (feeling one’s heart beating in their chest), night sweats, excessive or disturbing dreams, irregular or rapid pulse, shortness of breath, mouth or tongue sores, edema (retention of water), nervousness, emotional sensitivity, lack of energy, and high blood pressure.

So how does one invite JOY into their lives?  Of course one can visit their local state- and nationally-licensed acupuncturist (Me!), who then inserts fine needles along pathways in the body to balance the patients’ heart energy.  Acupuncture provides nourishment and strength where there is a deficiency or weakness, and can promote the free flow of Qi or energy so that stress is alleviated.   Chinese herbs, when prescribed by your acupuncturist, are another extremely safe and effective method to address any imbalance along the heart meridian causing the above conditions including insomnia, anxiety, agitation, stress, “wired and tired” feelings, palpitations, etc.

And what can one do at home to encourage that tranquil and peaceful state of being???  The color of the fire element is red.  So perhaps place a red rose-scented candle on your table, or a vase filled with bright pink gerbera daisies in your bedroom, wear a magenta top with your favorite jeans, watch the colors of the sunset over the mountains, and read a poem or two about love.   Meditate, open your heart, exhale, and place your intentions towards seeking and finding JOY in your life.