Wellness Classes

Check in for upcoming classes and workshops this Summer and Fall through Colorado Mountain College’s Center for Lifelong Learning, the Town of Breckenridge Art District and more!!!

Upcoming Wellness Talks:

Are you flexible like a weeping willow blowing in the breeze Discovering Yourself Thru the 5 Elements of Nature!

4-5:30pm on Saturday, July 28th 2012
Come join us after your hike or bike for a lively discussion about how your physical and emotional health are related to the 5 elements of nature.  The five elements are part of an ancient diagnostic system for Eastern Medicine, which saw our bodies working in direct relation to natures processes.  Look for examples of the elements including water, wood, fire, earth, and metal as you spend the day outside exploring before coming in for this informative talk and some tea!.  Are you flexible as a weeping willow, are you nurturing as mother earth, are you organized and rigid in your approach to life, do you have that spark that draws others to you as a moth to a flame….? Come and see what makes you, your partner, and friends tick individually and in relation to one another!

Presented at:
The Next Page Bookstore and Tea Bar
409 Main Street, Frisco, CO 80443

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